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Location. Location. Location.

As you know when it comes to Real Estate Investment location is one of the most important criteria for your investment decision. So, how do you know if you have found a good location for your Real Estate Investment?

According to Real Estate Intelligence Network there are components. First, infrastructure and transportation. Second, economic growth. Third, population. Fourth, sustainable momentum.

Today, we’ll talk about Infrastructure and Transportation.

Here I’m standing next to Edmonton’s Valley Line LRT construction site. When this is complete it will connect downtown core and Millwood’s Town Center serving more than 100,000 commuters daily.

So, what do you mean by nearby neighborhood? Many renters’ millennials and retirees in particular want the benefits of convenient public transportation. Eliminating the need for vehicle expenses and parking. So, this means that neighborhood with good access to public transportation we’ll see higher rental demand, lower vacancy, and higher return of investment. Also, stability during down turn. Also, properties with good access to public transit will remain much closer to their prepossession values than properties without access to good public transit.

Here, I’m at YVR Vancouver International Airport. This airport is going through 20 yearlong extension project costing $9.1 million. When this is complete in 2027, YVR will be able to serve 35 million passengers annually. This type of infrastructure projects brings more foreign investment, immigration, tourism and jobs.

To learn all about infrastructure and transportation projects near you please visit the websites below.

Remember to always consider infrastructure and transportation projects around you.


Alberta Major Projects

British Columbia Projects

Ontario Major Projects


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