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Do you believe that you deserve to make $100,000 a year or $1,000,000 a year? Do you think you are being paid too little or too much? Many people don’t realize that the stories that they tell themselves or the questions they ask themselves affect their behavior, emotions and decisions. In order to become wealthy, you must believe in yourself and that you are worthy of the work involved and also worthy of the reward.

Your monetary self-esteem is regulated by your financial thermostat. This is a thermostat in your mind which tells you how much you should be making. Can you earn twice as much as you do right now? maybe three times? 100 times more? Absolutely! You can achieve this by creating value. If you have a very specialized set of skills others can not provide, or if you can find a creative solutions to very challenging problems you are adding great value to people’s lives. For example, why is doctor paid more than a cab driver? Simply because he adds more value to people’s lives. He has worked hard to develop special set of skills and he adds value by fixing issues people have with their minds and body.

Remember, empowering stories will raise your financial thermostat and motivate you to look for ways to add more value. Always keep your financial thermostat high so that you are constantly looking for ways to add more value to people’s lives.

To learn more about your financial thermostat, check out this book ‘Wealth Mastery’ by Richard Dolan.


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